Easy-to-acquire components

First, acquire the components below:

Next, do these things:

  1. Create an account with and create an application.
  2. Clone the SITCH Sensor repository locally. If you're looking to deploy exactly the same model used in the DEF CON demo, switch to the commit tagged v2.0
  3. Set your Resin application's environment variables according to in the Sensor repo.
  4. Download the image for your Resin application and use dd to image your Raspberry Pi's micro SD card.
  5. While the image is being transferred to the SD card, visit the Service page and make sure you've got the service side set up to accommodate the new sensor.
  6. If everything else checks out, attach your peripherals to the Raspberry Pi, plug in the ethernet cable and power, and watch the Resin dashboard to confirm that the device registers to the application.